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Ponder the needs of your kitchen when deciding which Magimix Food Processor will suit you and your families lifestyle.  Models differ primarily in proportion, but not in proficiency and features. Made to meet the daily needs of the standard family, the 3 litre Magimix 4200 carries all the power you need in a beneficial space-saving frame.

All Magimix Food Processors are made in France and powered by low noise quiet induction motor that accommodates steady speeds needed for consistency. They feature work bowls made from Lexan (What Aeroplane windows are made from) that stack so you can go from one job to the next. 

Magimix was the first food processor available to the average family.  in modern times, Magimix still maintains to be the leading maker of food processors in the world.  Magimix is so confident of their product that they offer a 30 year manufactures guarantee on their motors and a 3 year manufactures guarantee on parts and accessories which covers domestic use only.

Link For your Magimix Warranty: Register Your Magimix To Activate Your Warranty Here

Standard Accessories:

  • 3.0 litre main bowl (Caring and cleaning tip - we recommend you hand wash)
  • 2.6 litre midi bowl (Caring and cleaning tip - we recommend you hand wash)
  • 1.2 litre mini bowl with blade (Caring and cleaning tip - we recommend you hand wash)
  • Lexan lid with extra-wide feed tube ((Caring and cleaning tip - we recommend you hand wash)
  • XL feed tube (Caring and cleaning tip - we recommend you hand wash)
  • Sabatier master blade for grinding & chopping
  • Dough blade for mixing & kneading
  • Egg whisk for whipping and aerating (Caring and cleaning tip - we recommend you hand wash)
  • 2mm slicer disc
  • 2mm grater disc
  • 4mm slicer disc
  • 4mm grater disc
  • Blender Mix (Caring and cleaning tip - we recommend you hand wash)
  • Safe-storage blade box
  • Spatula
  • Recipe book
  • Origin: France
  • Warranty: 30 year motor, 3 year parts and accessories

Even though parts are dishwasher safe, please use top draw only.  We do recommend hand wash for longer lasting care of parts

(average out of 2 ratings)
The best food processor
I love my 4200 Magimix food processor. It weighs a tonne but to me that means quality! All the blades whether they are cutting blades, graters or slicers are really lethal so do be very careful. The 4200 model is great as you do get 3 different sized bowls so it eliminates buying the mini processor for the small uses etc. It also comes with a container with all the other blades for easy tidy storage too. AAA+++
18 Jul 2016

Easy and uncomplicated to use, looks great too!
I bought this machine as a 2015 Christmas present to myself. I had done my research and wanted something that would last for years. I knew I would get that in a Magimix, but I did not expect it to be so uncomplicated and logical to use. Putting it together is a breeze - instructions are very straighforward & clean-up afterwards is not complex either. My only grumble (which is why I have given 4 stars) is that I have to use the largest bowl for whipping cream - this is annoying as cream normally only comes in a fairly small bottle and the smaller bowl would be better. Otherwise, it's quite superb, and the red looks great in the corner of my kitchen
19 Jul 2016

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