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Joseph Joseph Can-Do Can Opener

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Joseph Joseph Can-Do Can Opener

Clever and compact, with an easy-twist handle, this pocket-sized can opener is a must-have kitchen essential you can’t do without. Forget conventional can openers, Can-Do attaches itself to the can lid simply by using the easy-twist handle and locks in place so that all you have to do is keep twisting to open. The easy-to-use can opener has a button to let you release the lid once finished and is suitable for both left and right handed users, plus its handy size, means it fits easily into your kitchen drawers and looks stylish too.


  • Quick and easy to use - simply place on top of the can, and twist the top to start cutting
  • Automatically grips can edge as you twist
  • Large, Easy twist mechanism
  • Easy-press lid relase button
  • Circular, space saving design
  • Wide clean with a damp cloth
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