The Homestore Online | How To Setup a Gift Registry

1. Create an account with us

2. Once registered you will now see your accounts page

3. Now go to any product you like on our website and click "View Info"

4. Now click "Add To Gift Registry" as shown

5. A message will appear as shown below.  Click on the blue "click here" link to edit your first item in your registry

6. Now fill in your details to finalise setting up your list

7. After you filled your details, click on the "Save Gift Register" button as shown

8. Now just fill in your contact details and click the "Save" button.  Your list is now set up.

Now that your list is set up, you just need to be logged into your account and browse our site and click on the "add to gift registry" button to add items onto your list. Remember to save your registry every 10 mins by clicking on the "Save Gift Registry" button

  • Maxwell & Williams
  • Magimix
  • Scanpan
  • Cuisinart
  • Le Creuset
  • KitchenAid

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