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We stock a huge range of Scanpan cookware for our NZ customers: This brand is recognised throughout the world for making cooking easy, intuitive and an absolute joy. They present outstanding quality and durability through solid construction and the use of the best possible materials – and we have a huge range of their products on offer. Whether you’re looking for knife sets, saucepans, stock pots, casserole dishes, bakeware, poultry shears, or any other quality kitchen items,

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550 Equivalent to: $27.50
Save $349.00 (39%)
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865 Equivalent to: $43.25
Save $574.00 (40%)
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314 Equivalent to: $15.70
Save $104.75 (25%)
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139 Equivalent to: $6.95

From NZ$139.30
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104 Equivalent to: $5.20
Save $44.70 (30%)
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202 Equivalent to: $10.10

From NZ$202.30
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265 Equivalent to: $13.25

From NZ$265.30
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49 Equivalent to: $2.45

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29 Equivalent to: $1.45
From NZ$29.95

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55 Equivalent to: $2.75
59 Equivalent to: $2.95
Save $51.00 (46%)
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259 Equivalent to: $12.95

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 We stock a wide range of Scanpan cookware online. We consider ourselves to stock one of the widest ranges of this brand anywhere in New Zealand: you only have to browse our online selection or visit our Wellington, Auckland or Christchurch stores to see this for yourself.

We’re also a premier provider of the Scanpan Coppernox range within NZ. These are items with an impact-bonded copper wedge that allows for quick heat absorption and even distribution of heat. Take a look at our Scanpan Coppernox selection, place an order and we’ll have the cutting edge of cooking technology sent right to your door

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