An Introduction to Bar Keepers Friend

No matter what surface you're cleaning, using the right product is very important. We're here to tell you all about Bar Keepers Friend, and why their products are so widely regarded!

Bar Keeper's Friend was first created in 1882 and is now used in millions of homes worldwide. With active ingredients from plants such as Rhubarb and Spinach, these products can be used to remove hard water stains, rust, tarnish, soap scum, grease, and more. Bar Keeper's Friend have a range of different cleansers and that are suited to clean surfaces such as shower glass, stainless steel, tubs, toilets, brass, copper & more. Simply apply the cleanser to the area you want to clean, wet a sponge and start scrubbing for almost immediate results!

The Original Cleanser and Soft Cleanser are made with the same Formula and are ideal for cleaning a wide variety of surfaces, The Original Cleanser is known to be their most flexible product in that regard and the Soft Cleanser is pre-mixed so you get quality results each time.

Specifically formatted for Cookware, Bar Keepers Friend also make a Cookware Cleanser & Polish as well as a Cooktop Cleaner. If pots have left rings on your stovetop, look no further than the Cooktop Cleaner which has been formulated to break up those deposits.

Alternatively if you're needing to clean your Stainless Steel or Copper Cookware, The Cookware Cleanser & Polish is the perfect choice. This Cleanser was especially made to tackle grease, rust stains and other mineral deposits.

If you're looking for a more gentle but still effective product, the Bar Keepers Friend MORE Cleanser may be just what you're after. This is a bottled Spray & Foam Cleanser that can be used on most surfaces to remove a variety of stains. This is also the gentlest form of Bar Keepers Friend as the scrubbing micro particles have been removed.


The versatile range that Bar Keepers Friend offers is not one to miss, Be sure to watch this video on how to use the product and Shop now


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